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emf / wifi protection

Smart Shields

Smart Shields EMF/WiFi Protection

Protxs® Smart Shield

Protect yourself, and your loved ones from the potentially harmful effects of EMF/RF/Wi-Fi radiation(s).
Protection from:
Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Electric Wires, Electrical Devices, Tablets, Computers, and Mobile Phones.


  • Conductive Silver Antenna
  • Bio electric shield
  • Protective range of 2-3 ft from the human body
  • Made in the U.S.A. in a Medical Device Facility
  • Works on ALL wireless devices
  • Will NOT interfere with device’s communication features

About Smart Shields

In this modern world knowingly or unknowingly we expose ourselves to invisible hazards. We are hooked on wireless technology and there is a dark side. Evidence shows that regular use of cell phones begins to heat brain tissue and affect the cells.

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones. High frequency EMF waves lead to significant increase in blood pressure. Even though it is universally accepted that electro magnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones are bound to affect the health and well being, they tend to be ignored as people have become totally dependent on mobile phones and life today will come to a standstill without it. We are subjecting ourselves and our loved ones to this external stressor day in and day out.

How it works

PROTXS Shield contains a blend of natural products with piezoelectric properties that efficiently reflect and absorb electromagnetic noise and thereby block the harmful effects on humans by modern communication systems. Simply stick to the back of your cell phone (or other wireless device), and it will immediately remediate the harmful affects of EMF. IT WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH THE DEVICE RECEPTION/COMMUNICATION.

The PROTXS chip has a conductive silver antennae/receiver that assists in transferring the EMF signal to and from the PROTXS materials. The properties of the materials have a native resonance frequency that is excited/vibrated by the electromagnetic frequency. The energy transfer of the EMF signal by the PROTXS material can remediate the disruptive segments of signals by absorbing, canceling and reflecting many of the harmful elements. PROTXS’s proprietary compound of natural solid materials mediate the harmful affects of EMR while not interfering with the wireless device communication. It is an understanding of life’s natural bioelectric frequency and the harmful effects of EMF imposed by man-made electromagnetic devices (cell, phones, routers, etc.). PROTXS uses the science of the phone technology to help bring it in harmony with life.

Through a series of careful studies and documentation, PROTXS Shield is proven to remediate the deleterious effects of invisible electromagnetic radiations on both living systems and information technologies. At each step in the development of this multi-layered material, tests were done to document the beneficial effects on living systems, using a variety of procedures.
Get yours today! It will change your life…

Easy to install

5.0 rating
September 6, 2018

It takes up a lot less room that other brands, easy to install and works great!

Nick W.

Cell Lyte / Protxs H2O / Protxs Shield

5.0 rating
February 27, 2018

Thank you Dr. Mike Beverley Halliday for all the outstanding, informed , sincere responsive communications service over 12 years of interaction product purchase.
Thank you for your dedication to independent research into the creation of , easy to use, functional, every day life health recovery life sustaining solutions.

David D.

I feel more at ease using and carrying my iPhone with me.

5.0 rating
October 5, 2017

I teach a Kinesiology class so wanted to see if the Protxs made a difference.. I had my granddaughter call me and hold her iphone to her ear … and sure enough the negative energy caused her to test weak … but when she put my iphone with the protxs next to her ear the iPhone had no negative effect … it is the peace of mind I truly appreciate.. thank you 😊


User First

First product of its kind to focus on the user, and NOT just the device it is placed on

ISO 13485

Produced in an ISO 13485 compliant facility, certified to make medical devices



Grand Rapids, MI