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Smart H2O

Water Supplement that brings balance

Protxs® Smart H2O

*Note, slight detox may occur when starting Smart H2O which may include mild fatigue or headache.

Smart H20 is a water supplement that brings balance to the human body. It is a pure organic electrolyte, that rejuvenates and rehydrates at the cellular level.

Each 4 oz. bottle is designed to last approx. 30 days. Simply add 10 drops to every 16 oz. of water 3 times a day (or ingest directly). Water supplement is safe for all humans and pets, and will immediately start working to boost the body’s natural defenses!

How it works

The Smart H20 formula is processed using Dr Mikes specific resonant frequency protocol which activates the complex, giving it some very unique capabilities.

The activated natural organic mineral complex enhances 15 different functions in the body such as

  • Increased nutrient absorption.
  • Chelation of metals.
  • Increases cellular energy.
  • Increases wound healing.

Binds to harmful toxins in water such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants, herbicides, pesticides as well as organic and inorganic toxins.
It acts as an ACE Pigment, which means it is used by the cells in the body as an alternate cellular energy source…. enabling the cells to restore, repair and regenerate.
The complex also removes all EMF frequencies from both drinking water and our bodies.


  • Replenishes life of water • Revitalizes Tap & Bottled Water
  • Immune Boosting Organic Electrolytes
  • 100% Absorbable Essential Nutrients
  • Hydrates at the Cellular Level
  • Inhibits Toxins
  • Adds Essential Minerals

Smart H2O is formulated to deliver optimal minerals and nutrients at the cellular level, as well as provide detoxification on the cellular level.

Chemicals and toxins have taken away the beneficial ingredients of water. Smart H2O puts the necessary nutrients back into your tap, distilled and even bottled drinking water.


Get Rid of the Negative Toxic Vibrations in your Water!

5.0 rating
December 15, 2017

Subtle but noticeable with my skin dryness going away and feeling soft and supple!

Emelie W.

Great product

5.0 rating
October 5, 2017

I will never go a day without using my Protxs H2O.

Curt V.


5.0 rating
June 18, 2017

“Thanks, so much for the product!! I have never had this much natural energy!! I feel great in the mornings, super throughout the day and getting better sleep/sleeping less!!
My work-out routines are much more better as well!!
Thank you for the new “”lease”” on life!!”